Monday, December 17, 2007

Long Time

I thought this would be easy. Writing some thoughts down once and a while. How hard could it be? Well, looks like I get caught in the same trap as anyone else. I'm too busy. Busy with family, friends, sports, whatever. My last post was six weeks ago. Much has happened since then in my personal life so I haven't had time to write some stuff down. I thought I would use this site to get some thoughts down. Get some things off my chest. Well, I've had lots of things to write about, but haven't. Seems like a counterproductive excercise really.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I am a fan. Huge. Not a chartered member of the Boss freak club but I'm close. Seen him 20 times. Would love to go another 20. Am going to two shows on this new tour. New CD is excellent. A return to what he does best - rock about chicks, politics and life. I'd love to see what Mr. Tower (link on right of page) has to say about the CD but he isn't going to review this CD. Springsteen is way too popular. Not obscure enough for Mr. T.

Why do I like Springsteen so much? I wasn't a big fan early on. But when I went to see him and the band, that first concert, it was incredible. And still is. And his music makes sense. Musically and lyrically. Which a lot of bands don't bother worrying about these days.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Love sports. Playing it and watching it. NFL football, hockey, golf, soccer, March Madness. Love it. Used to be a big baseball fan but when the league pulled the plug on the season and my beloved Expos - who were leading the pennant race by six games - I lost interest like many others. And yes, I believe the conspiracy theorists that insist the season would not have been halted if it was another team other than the Expos leading the division. The NFL has to be the best run league in the world. Owners making a profit before the first snap on the first Sunday, players getting rich and fans betting billions every year. Awesome league. BTW, I'm a Cowboys fan. So, ball - Expos (RIP). Football - Cowboys. Hockey - Leafs. Golf - Mikkelson and Weir. NBA - Sixers. Soccer - Toronto FC or Italy (Four stars). Those are my favorites.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


It's July. I need a break from work. Not that I've been working that hard. It's just that I'd like to stay home for a few days and chill. Get up in the morning and only have to decide whether I'll cut the grass today, tomorrow or maybe later. That should be the toughest decsion in the summer. I think the Eurpoeans do it right. Take most of the summer off. In France and Italy, August is vacation month. Most of the the public servants use that month to recharge. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Favorite show. And in my opinion, a great ending. Chase has never been one to tie up loose ends and this is a perfect way to end it. I am intrigued by all the theories out there. And there are some serious plausible ones. But I believe he wanted ambiguity and interest and that is what Chase achieved. Going to seriously miss that show.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I admit I watch Idol - American and Canadian. Initially, I'm watching cause the early lousy auditions are pathetic and quite funny. But then I'm hooked and I am curious to see who ends up winning. And, some characters I never forget. There was this one guy from Washington two seasons ago on AI who came in - clearly a gangster - and sang so badly that no one knew what he was saying. But he had rhythm and he a beat and he was good to watch but he was toast. So last night, I'm watching CI, and this guy comes on from hillbilly Alberta. I think his name was J.D. something. And he was outstanding and severely naive. So naive it was incredible. And no one can figure if this is an act or what. But he was outstanding. and I'm already hoping he's the winner.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


At times, Sundays are good days. Today, after having a couple days off from work, I am preparing (motivating) myself for work tomorrow. I'd rather take some more time off. But can't. Watched a TiVO/PVR of Larry King's 50th anniversary show. Like Larry King. No, wait. I like the guests that CNN brings in for Larry King. He gets the A list. No question. Although on the show I watched today, a lot of old timers were there - Jane Fonda? Suzanne Sommers? Also listened again to Jesse Malin's new CD. Solid.

Friday, May 25, 2007


No wonder movie goers are staying home. No wonder I rarely go. Kids that won't stay quiet, moms and dads that parent out loud, people using cell phones, 20 minutes of previews and $1o per ticket. And they wonder why we stay home and rent for five bucks and watch on our big screen TVs. If they want us to continue to go to movie theatres, they need to do something about the noise and the price. And believe me, I'm no prude. I don't mind loud and lively and people watching. But, many people are annoying. Worse, they don't know they are. Later.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nothing Much

Trying to work out the kinks here. Not much of a computer nerd. But seems simple enough. When the idea of setting up a blog hits you, you feel like you have lots to say. But when it comes down to typing away, thoughts are difficult to put to page. It's much different then siiting around a table of friends, having some drinks and discussing world events, sports, pop culture, family or men and women. I get the feeling I'd be better at dishing out advice rather than ranting or writing just about anything. But I seem to do a lot of both - advice giving and ranting and raving. Later.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This is my first post. I've just set this up. And it's late so this will be short. But this will be a place for me to write about anything I find interesting. And because, it's my universe, I'll write about stuff that interests me. And there is lots. But later.