Monday, October 1, 2007


I am a fan. Huge. Not a chartered member of the Boss freak club but I'm close. Seen him 20 times. Would love to go another 20. Am going to two shows on this new tour. New CD is excellent. A return to what he does best - rock about chicks, politics and life. I'd love to see what Mr. Tower (link on right of page) has to say about the CD but he isn't going to review this CD. Springsteen is way too popular. Not obscure enough for Mr. T.

Why do I like Springsteen so much? I wasn't a big fan early on. But when I went to see him and the band, that first concert, it was incredible. And still is. And his music makes sense. Musically and lyrically. Which a lot of bands don't bother worrying about these days.

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