Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I admit I watch Idol - American and Canadian. Initially, I'm watching cause the early lousy auditions are pathetic and quite funny. But then I'm hooked and I am curious to see who ends up winning. And, some characters I never forget. There was this one guy from Washington two seasons ago on AI who came in - clearly a gangster - and sang so badly that no one knew what he was saying. But he had rhythm and he a beat and he was good to watch but he was toast. So last night, I'm watching CI, and this guy comes on from hillbilly Alberta. I think his name was J.D. something. And he was outstanding and severely naive. So naive it was incredible. And no one can figure if this is an act or what. But he was outstanding. and I'm already hoping he's the winner.

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Trellick Tower said...

The chick from Halifax is going to win.

And why do they get to accompany themselves on guitar?