Friday, January 4, 2008


This post is inspired by two friends and fellow bloggers (Mr. Tower and Mr. Bitterman). Mr. Tower banged out his list of fav songs for 2007. I like lists. Of any sort. So, I'm creating a list, of fav and not so fav things. Mr. Bitterman finally posted after being inactive for several months. And despite being an Angry man, he can write very well. So here goes. My favorite things of 2007: Seeing Springsteen live in concert for the umpteenth time; watching the kids play their respective sports; vacation time; eating good food and drinking good drinks; walks with my buddies, BarBQ's in my backyard, hot tubs and laughing. Least favorite things: political correctness, people lacking common sense (or any sense), bad drivers, rap music (for the most part), food that doesn't look like food. We'll see what 2008 brings. But for now, I wish my friends and family a healthy year. And here's to hoping Mr. Bitterman can cheer up - a little.