Monday, July 16, 2007


Love sports. Playing it and watching it. NFL football, hockey, golf, soccer, March Madness. Love it. Used to be a big baseball fan but when the league pulled the plug on the season and my beloved Expos - who were leading the pennant race by six games - I lost interest like many others. And yes, I believe the conspiracy theorists that insist the season would not have been halted if it was another team other than the Expos leading the division. The NFL has to be the best run league in the world. Owners making a profit before the first snap on the first Sunday, players getting rich and fans betting billions every year. Awesome league. BTW, I'm a Cowboys fan. So, ball - Expos (RIP). Football - Cowboys. Hockey - Leafs. Golf - Mikkelson and Weir. NBA - Sixers. Soccer - Toronto FC or Italy (Four stars). Those are my favorites.

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